California's Smog Check Program


2000 & newer: $36.75+8.25 cert
One free retest if needed
1996 - 1999: $36.75+8.25 cert
1976 - 1995: $46.75+8.25 cert

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What is a Smog Check?

California is the nation's leader and sets the standard in reducing vehicle emissions. Since the program's inception, air pollution levels have been greatly reduced allowing California's citizens to breath easeier.The smog check program is a mandatory state program that requires vehicles to pass an emission inspection in order to be registered.

Do I need an inspection?

    The following vehicles require smog inspections during their bi-annual registration as well as upon change of ownership, and/or upon bringing in an out of state vehicle:
  • Diesel powered vehicles 1998 and newer with a gross vehicle rating of 14,000 pound or less require a smog inspection.
  • Gasoline powered vehicles and hybrid vehicles model year 1976 and newer require a smog inspection with the following exceptions:
    • six model years and newer do not require a typical bi-annual inspection
    • four model years and newer do not require a change of ownership inspection

What's Tested

    Smog inspections consist of:
  • Visual inspection of all emission control devices
  • Functional test of systems. Depending upon the year of your vehicle this may include one or more of the following:
    • OBDII Diagnostic Check
    • Check Engine/Service Engine indicator light
    • Ignition timing
    • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system
    • Gas Cap seal performance
    • EVAP system (all the area within the fuel system that stores or controls fuel vapors)
  • Tailpipe emission analysis: A two speed idle test where their vehicle is tested at 2500 RPM in neutral or park and then tested again at idle. The vehicle is tested for hydrocarbons(HC) and carbon monoxide(CO).

Should I have my vehicle smog tested if I think it's going to fail?

YES! The vehicle will get tested on more than one item. To intelligently go into an accurate repair all the deficiencies must be known up front. Also, if you are smogging for renewal registration any repairs that are made at a licensed smog station may be applied to a vehicle cost waiver if the total repairs amount to more than $650. If your vehicle does fail, we give every customer one free (1996+ year vehicle) or reduced price (1995 and older vehicles) retest.

What if my vehicle fails the smog inspection?

If your vehicle fails, you are in good hands. Performance Auto Service is skilled in all areas of smog repairs. Please see our Diagnostics page for more information.